I recently started an instagram page for my artwork and drawings. Right now it mainly focuses on my  moody-girl drawings (see above) but I do want to start sharing other projects.

The name of the account is ShellChoux which might have you wondering what the heck that means. Well, Shell is my nickname short for Shelissa and choux has a double meaning/importance to me. Choux means cabbages in French, which no I'm not obsessed with cabbages but it's also used as an endearing term "mon petit chou" or just "mon chou"  means my sweetheart, darling, etc. Chou is pronounced like "shoe" in English, which sounds like another nickname I had as a child. I added the "x" which makes it plural because I liked how that looked. Was that confusing?

So basically both Shell and Choux are nicknames I've had at different times in my life and I know French sooo ShellChoux!!

Anyway, please check out my new instagram page if you want to keep up with my projects and artwork.


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