My Feelings on the 2016 USA Presidential Election

As everyone knows, Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential election.

For the past week I've been on a break from all social media. I couldn't bring myself to post a happy photo or any of my usual content because I feel that my life has changed. It's been hard to continue my daily life when the next leader of my country is Donald Trump, a man who I disagree with on sooooo many points. I am worried about the fate of immigrants in America (illegal or otherwise), I am worried for Muslin Americas and their safety, I am worried about women reproductive rights, I am also worried that we will back out of standing climate agreements, and so much more!!

Now, I know many people feel Hillary Clinton is a villain or political puppet but I disagree, and I voted for her. I genuinely believe that she was the better candidate and not just the lesser of two evils. Unfortunately, living in New York City I am in a comfortable liberal bubble, I am not exposed to many Trump supporters or non-liberals for that matter. The election results shocked me, I wish I had been more directly exposed to people with political opinions that vary wildly from my own. Perhaps it would have lessened my shock.

I am not fleeing to Canada or anywhere else. I am staying in the USA and I will try my best to remain an active citizen supporting and fighting for what I believe. (Side note: I'll really miss Obama).
This is all I want to say for now. I felt that before I could continue with
any of my usual art or fun outing inspired posts I needed to address the state of my country.

Above image from Hilary Clinton website


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