Getting Older

It's now October which means my birthday is quickly approaching. This time of year brings on a lot of self-reflection and thinking about where I am in life and in achieving my goals. It's not always a pleasant self-reflection as I am very ambitious and a very harsh critic. From experience I've learned that it's best not to set a goal and think you'll be there by age 30 or whatever age. Instead my major goals are set in a flexible near future. I know interest or goals might change or you might face a set back.

Young Shelissa thought that by 25 I would have my life together and a career started. That proved wrong and instead I was just starting grad school at that time and still living a broke student life (honestly I still am now!!). At times I was angry with myself for not yet being done with school and career ready but I was also sooo happy to be at Columbia University where I never thought I would be accepted. I was glad to be exactly where I was. I find with age comes more certainty in who I am and what I want, traits or interests I suppressed in the past I embrace now. I've learned to appreciate Shelissa how she is, she's great you should get to know her too!

I will soon be 27, I have a great education under my belt, great experiences, and many goals for the future. I try to remind myself that age is just a number and not an indicator of what phase of life I should be in. I'm not ready for children, I'm not ready to be married, I'm not ready to settle down and make roots where I am, maybe I'm not ready to be done with being a student (Ph.D life maybe??).

Maybe being a millennial has made me me too self involved or too existentially focused, but I'm living my life on my own timeline with my own significant milestones. Deal with it!
I'm going to be 27 and I'm doing my own thang.


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