Gagosian Gallery: Richard Serra

Richard Serra, Through, 2015. Forged steel.
I recently went to the Chelsea area of Manhattan to check out a few current gallery exhibitions. My favorite show was Richard Serra at Gagosian Gallery (Show up through October 22, 2016). 

Richard Serra, Every Which Way, 2015.
This was actually the first time I've been to any of the Gagosian Gallery locations >_<  woops. Anyway, the show was super simple with only 4 works on view but it was perfect! The gallery felt very still and quiet. The high ceilings plus general openness of the gallery in combination with the steel sculptures made you feel cold and alone (in a good way!). Cold and alone are not easy feelings to evoke during a hot New York City summer. It was an impressive show, the works were impressive, the space was impressive, the rusty metal was impressive, the size of the works was impressive, etc. I enjoyed the stillness of it all.
Alternate view of Every Which Way
Richard Serra is an American contemporary minimalist sculptor known for his large-scale metal sheet sculptures. Serra is a big deal in contemporary art. His work, while stunning at completion, is about material, placement, process, and construction. Serra combines concepts of Minimalism with the ideals of "Process Art." I could ramble on with more artsy analysis but I'll end here by saying I enjoyed this exhibition because it made me feel things >_< If you're in New York go check it out!
Richard Serra, Silence (for John Cage)


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