Summer Vacation: France Pt. 4 of 4

The final part to my 2016 summer vacation.
Near the end of my trip I spent about 4 days in southwest France before heading back to New York.

After taking a 7 hour train ride and a 30 minute car ride, I arrived in the small commune of Rabastens. Here we stayed at my bf's grandmothers house to celebrate her 93rd birthday. My bf's grandmother is now living in a local nursing home so her house is usually uninhabited. This means there was no internet and plenty of spiders but I survived!
It was pretty hot in Rabastens so I spent most of my time relaxing in the shade. It was nice to literally have nothing to do for a few days but I was also very excited to head to Toulouse and rejoin the internet life. 
In Toulouse I was again staying with my bf's family. It's great to have free places to stay while in France!! 
Toulouse is a beautiful city that has a small town feel but it one of the larger cities in France, it also has a subway system and cheap rent (compared to Paris and NY).During our last afternoon in Toulouse we walked around the city center and had lunch with more family. While at lunch a few rocks fell from nearby construction site and a small one hit me in the face! My glasses saved my face and I only have a scratch on my frames so it's alright. I was just a little shocked by the situation.

After Toulouse I had one more full day in Paris before heading back to New York. I spent the day eating delicious food and seeing some friends. 
On the left is a pair of bracelets I received as an early birthday gift and on the right you can see me enjoying free food in the Air France lounge on my way back to New York. I enjoyed my vacation but I'm glad to be back in NYC, I need to focus on getting a job and starting my career!


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