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I love house plants!! I would love to fill my apartment with lots of beautiful house plants but unfortunately I don't have much of a green thumb :/
I have a few thriving basil and scallion plants in my window but when it comes to flowers or succulents they just don't do so well!

Here you can see a beautiful succulent and a crazy scallion plant. This succulent survived about 3 months then met it's untimley end.

After my first succulent died I bought 5 new ones just to make the odds better of them surviving and so that I could experiment to find out what I did wrong with the first plant. *Spoiler* I still have no idea!
So far only one has died and another is looking quite unwell (you can see the sad saggy one in this photo) but I'm not sure why! I've read a lot about succulents and I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. It seems the most common issue with succulents is over watering but trust me that is not my issue. Maybe it's not enough sunlight, or the weather in NYC is too crazy at the moment (its hot and humid one day then dry and cool the next). I'm not sure but I want my plants to live! Send help!

One thing I did notice is that the more flower-sh shaped succulents are more sensitive or not as resilient as the others. 
This plant was looking saggy so I decided to re-pot it (maybe a bad idea) but when I tried to remove it from the soil,  the stem just plopped off of the roots. Okay okay, maybe this one is sort of my fault but I'm not sure why it got sad and saggy to begin with. RIP sweet succulent. 


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