Tanya Burr Chocolate Chip Cookie Fail

I tried to make some delicious cookies that I found on Youtuber/blogger Tanya Burr's website. The recipe below is correct and should make you delicious cookies but I made some big mistakes.

Basically the recipe calls for 1 stick of butter and I mistook my Trader Joe's "quarters" of butter as half a stick each. Super wrong! They are each 1 stick. I double the butter in the recipe by putting two sticks in! I mean what kind of measurement is a  stick anyway!! The original recipe calls for 200g but I don't have a scale because it's not the common American baking measurement system. My batter was way too wet so I added more flour to compensate but it just didn't help. The cookies were still edible, just really weirdly shaped, with super flat edges. I didn't know what went wrong until a few days later after all the cookies were gone. I ate a lot of butter. Oops!

I don't even have a photo of the final product, it was a shameful cookie. Image a brown flying saucer shaped soft cookie. It was UGLY.

Any way! Below is the original recipe, I don't trust myself to "translate" it to standard American baking measurements. One thing I often change for cookie recipes is using half brown sugar and half raw cane sugar instead of caster sugar, it's much better. I'll be trying this recipe out again soon!
200g butter
300g caster sugar
1 large egg
275g self-raising flour
75g cocoa powder
a little dash of milk
a large bar of milk chocolate 
a large bar of white chocolate


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  1. Aww too bad you were not able to make them properly, but your post did make me laugh. I can imagine the disappointment when seeing that they turned out very different than Tanya's haha.