Thrift Shop Finds!

I recently went to a huge thrift shop in the Bronx in search of some new gems. I recently decided that I should buy less new items of clothing and try to buy second hand more often.
Thrift shops can be hit or miss but I was pleasantly surprised with what I found and how much I paid.

For $25.99 I got three dresses and a purse! I'm loving the purse right now, it fits everything I need for a long day but doesn't feel too heavy on my shoulder.

The first dress is a tiny bit above knee-length and has buttons coming all the way up the front. I paid $7 for this dress. It's a little granny-ish and very modest so I love it.

The next dress was originally from Forever 21, it's a basic flowy tank dress and has two strings that tie at your upper back just below the nape of the neck. I paid $5 for this dress.
Another dress that was originally from Forever 21 also cost me $5. Again, this is a basic tank dress that comes a few inches above the knee.
My favorite purchase was this purse that cost $8.99. I almost didn't buy it because I thought the straps might be an awkward length. Turns out I love it!


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