Instagram Nomads

A former co-worker recently organized a cultural outing with about 12 people. Together we went to the New Museum,  Sperone Westwater Gallery, and then out for tacos. Everyone either had an interest in art or worked in the arts. The goal of this new group, dubbed Instagram Nomads, was to photograph and share images from our cultural outing on social media. It was a fun experience because we all have a love of art and have many things to share with each other. The next destination will be the Noguchi Museum where I volunteer.

Below are some images from the fun day.

At the New Museum we saw a show on Jim Shaw, a very interesting artists whose work shows a lot of influence from comic books or graphic novels.
The roof of the New Museum overlooks some great NYC sights. 
Sperone Westwater had a futurism show
Then finally some delicious tacos! I got a fish taco and a egg/chorizo taco. 
And some delicious post-taco coffee because it was a cold day.


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