Visiting the South of France

After about two weeks in Paris, we took a train down to the southwest of France. We visited different cities that varied in size but were all beautiful in an old french way.

The first stop was the city of Rabastens where my bf's grandmother lives. I've been here before and always enjoy going back to relax and eat meals outdoors.

Our next stop was Vour, a tiny village of about 300 residents. There is a yearly theater festival called "L'ete de Vaour" that we were attending.

Because Vaour is so tiny, for groceries you have to go to a nearby town. We went to Saint-Antonin. It's a gorgeous valley city that makes feel like you're in a movie,or an old painting.

We took a day trip to the city of Rodez to visit the Soulages museum. The museum has only been open for about 1 year and was established by the artist Pierre Soulages in his hometown. 



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