Vacation Haul

I was in France for 3 weeks and only bought a few items, most of which were actually needed. Not only did my bank account appreciate this, but I'm proud of myself for not buying every random thing I saw (like I usually do). I thought about making this post a video on YouTube but ugh it's hard getting use to editing a video of yourself.

My first purchase was a pair of tights. These tights were 100% necessary. When I arrived in France I was shocked at how cold it was, I had even checked the weather frequently up until the day I left and it predicted warm days in the 90's (Fahrenheit). My second day in Paris was actually around 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit! I hadn't packed for cold weather (my fault, I should have at least packed 1 sweater) so I had to make a shopping run for some warm items. I went to Primark where I got tights (3 euros) and 1 pair of cute ruffle socks (2 euros). The second pair of ruffle socks below were only 1 euro at New Look.

The next item was actually a gift. This candle smells amazing, I don't even know how to describe it. All I can say is that it doesn't smell like citrus, and you can smell it in the room without burning it. (Thanks Kim + Max!!)

These sandals were another another necessity. In my attempts to pack light I only brought 1 pair of sandals and two pairs of closed shoes. The closed shoes were great for the chilly days but after a week of cool days Paris heated up to 90+ degrees. Being the graceful butterfly that I am, while on a walk to the Louis Vuitton Foundation in a giant park I slipped and broke my right sandal. Sandals are a necessity in the hot summer days in the South of France so I had to find a pair before I headed down. Fortunately I found these for only 12 euros.  

My final purchases were just about my love for jewelry, no practical or essential reason. I was in a small town called St. Antonin when I bought the earrings above, they were €6. The ring below came from a museum shop in the city of Rodez and were also about €6.

Most of my expenses in Paris were food and experiences, as it should be!


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