Paris Vacation: Catching up

I'm in Paris!!! I came to Paris for a few weeks for a wedding and some much needed vacation time.

The wedding:
The wedding took place about 45 minutes outside of Paris on a large farm/event property. The wedding decorations reflected the French/ Congolese union that was taking place. I was in love with the tablecloths! 

First days in Paris:
It's the simple familiar things I always want to revisit first. The walks I took when I lived in Paris, and the places I use to eat. The touristy spots and museums have their allure but sometimes I just want to grab a sandwich at the same small Vietnamese place I frequented years ago. This trip I have a lot of main attractions on my agenda but  I've also taken time to enjoy the quiet parts of Paris.

It's nice to notice little changes in the city like a super market chain changing their logo or finding new water fountains dispersing sparkling water. 


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