Paris III: Food food food!

It is impossible to come to Paris and not indulge in some delicious food. I've been trying to stay on the healthier side of indulgence and try not too eat too much but honestly I could eat pastries all day!

I find the Quiche I make while in France taste better than any attempts in New York so it has been my go-to homemade lunch.

My coffee consumption goes up about 80% while in Paris. It's just so easily and enjoyable to relax at a cafe over an espresso.
Hamburgers, hotdogs, and bagels seem to be the new fad in Paris. "American Bistros" and "Burger Bars" are popping up everywhere. I also stumbled across a tiny hotdog shop with a line around the corner.

I also stuck to the basics- cheese, pastries, and pate.
I'll be in the South of France soon where I'll have some more classic French meals. I can't wait!


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