Montreal Day 3

Our 3rd and last full day in Montreal was again full of walking, sightseeing, and jazz music. We started the day by enjoying some Montreal bagels. They are thiner and denser than a New York style bagel and I found them to be a bit plainer, but in a good way, because they weren't salty.

 Our first stop was back to the fine art museum to catch the Rodin exhibition and show my boyfriend some museum highlights. It was your usual Rodin work, but at the end there was a small touch exhibition for the blind with mini replicas of Rodin sculptures.

We tried to re-entact Rodin sculptures, I think I lost. Can you guess who we are? (answer: He's "The Thinker" and I'm "Monument to Balzac." Look them up and judge who posed best!

It was a super rainy day so after the museum we decided to explore Montreal's underground walkways. It is apparently the largest underground complex in the world. We spent hours roaming (and getting lost) in the underground city

We eventually made out way out of the underground mazes and to the Jazz festival. We watched a really great South African band called Freshlyground.

Just one more post to come later this week from my Montreal vacation. Until then, enjoy this nice shot from a brighter day in Montreal.


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