Montreal Day 1

Last weekend I went on a 4 day trip to Montreal. My boyfriend has a distant relative there so we were able to stay in a nice home instead of a hotel or hostel. The husband of the family is French (my bf's distant relative) and the wife is from Colombia. The wife helped me practice my Spanish with her which was great! I had a tri-lingual experience in Montreal.

We had three full days of walking and exploring. I even got to see Beirut (the band) practicing for the Montreal Jazz festival that was going on.

Below are some moments form the first full day, the rest of the days will follow soon. ^_^

We started our day by walking around old Montreal then taking some time to relax in a small park.
I absolutely had to try poutine while in Montreal. It's basically fries topped with gravy and cheese curds. Turns out I didn't really like it. I love fries and the cheese curds were great, I just wasn't a fan of gravy on my fries. Maybe I would like it better with gravy on the side so I could control the amount of sauciness 
For lunch we had crepes, because why not. We were speaking French so crepes felt right. >_<
I had a simple beef, spinach, and tomato crepe. My boyfriend got a ham and cheese crepe that came with maple syrup to pour on top, it was delicious!
After lunch we made our way to the Jazz festival that was going on and I got to watch Beirut for their performance later that night. 
It was a busy, but fun filled day.


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