Memorial Day

I spent my memorial day relaxing, hanging out with my favorite person, and enjoying some Broadway Bites. It's now summer vacation but I am busy with a job and an internship so I am basically just as busy as usual. Its become clear that I enjoy being busy and fill my free time with more to do.  This long holiday weekend I actually spent one day doing absolutely nothing but relaxing my body and mind. The other two days I filled with friends and fun.

Friday night I started finishing up the first season of True Detective at a friends house, and Saturday went to a BBQ in Brooklyn.

Monday I tried out Broadway Bites, basically a seasonal pop up food event in midtown Manhattan.
I discovered that "Japanese nacho tots"are a thing and they are delicious. My boyfriend got a variety of rice balls, the one visible in the picture is pesto and mozeralla.
I'm really digging my glasses, Warby Parker is the best!

Later that same day I did some shopping and stopped for some much needed ice coffee and an almond/raspberry croissant.

Some days, like this one, I remember to enjoy and explore New York City.


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