Catching Up

It has been way to long since I've updated my blog. School got intense and I needed to only focus on that. I had one class in particular that I was nervous about failing ( getting a C would be failing for my scholarship and program requirements) but I am happy to say that I did alright after all.

It's now summer break and I am not taking summer classes but I do have an exciting new internship. More details about the internship to come later.

Here are some pics to catch you up on my life. 

Spring in NYC, at least a few days of spring then the gross humid summer weather came along.
I took a trip to the Queens museum of a project I was working on. The surrounding park is really beautiful.
While in Queens I tried soup dumplings for the first time. While I did use a spoon and ate them correctly I still managed to get soup on my new shirt :/
New classy purse from Forever21.
I went to the Opera at Lincoln Center, I saw "The Rakes Progress"
A few new ceramic piece.Etsy shop to come maybe?


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