Indigo Dye

This month at the Noguchi Museum I got to try Japanese indigo dying. There is a small company in Brooklyn called Buaisou that offers indigo dye work shops. The Buaisou team came to the Noguchi Museum for this months Open Studio program. We dyed washi paper but at their workshops you dye fabric.

One of the leaders of the company (Kakuo Kaji) has his own indigo farm with a partner in Japan where all Buaisou's dye comes from. They grow the indigo, dry it, ferment it, then mix it with the necessary components. There is a great video about it on their website.!movie/cb8g

Apparently most indigo dye made today is synthetic which makes their workshops even more amazing.

Here are some pic form the experience. 

This huge pot of indigo dye stinks! I'm guessing its from the fermentation.
The dye is green until it oxidizes, then it turns blue.
Over time, if left out of direct sunlight our pieces will deepen in color.
I definitely want to take one of their workshops in Brooklyn!


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