Deli life

Besides New York, I've lived in Massachusetts, Florida, and France. None of these places have the same deli culture as New York. Deli culture? What am I talking about?

Well, in New York City there are delis everywhere! Everyone has their local deli they go to, not for cold cuts, but for everything else you can imagine. NYC delis are magical (sometimes gross) places that are close to home where you can buy milk, cookies, oatmeal, eggs, sandwiches, cigarettes, and more at basically any time day or night. You form relationships with your deli guy, he knows how you like your sandwich, or what your dogs name is. He asks how you are if you haven't been around in a while. Deli guy has got your back.

When I moved to France for 18 months I was missing the deli life. Where was I suppose to go for a quick, cheap sandwich and a lotto ticket? Okay fine, I don't play the lottery but its' nice to have the option while I'm buying a Philly cheese steak am I right? I mostly go to the deli for a sandwich or to buy milk, they are so useful to have close by. I like living in New York City for many reasons, including the deli life.


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