What's in my bag?

I love watching " What's in my bag videos" so I decided to make my own! Okay I didn't make a video, one day I will. Please be nosy and read all about what I always have in my bag. Enjoy!

  1.  My wallet, an important thing to always have. My sister bought me this from Loft almost 5 years ago!
  2. Phone charger, I have quickly learned it is important to ALWAYS take this with me. My phone is usually dying and that's when everyone decides they need to call me or tell me something important :/
  3.  Planner. Without my planer I am lost! I have too many things to keep track of so it's nice to keep my assignment due dates, work schedule, and plans all written down here. I bought this at Barnes and Nobles.
  4. Pencil case. I always like to have a pen with me and now that I'm back in school I really need to make sure I have pens and pencils at the ready. This case was a gift from my bf from the holiday market at Union Square.
  5. Notebook. Like I said, I have too many things to keep track of, so I keep this notebook with me to make lists of what I need to do and I like to have a nice place to write ideas.
  6.  Portable phone charger. I bought this at Free People during the holidays. Just in case I can't find an outlet I can use this to recharge my phone, plus it pretty.
  7. Keys.If I lost these I would be dead. I have house keys, work office keys, and art locker keys on here.
  8. Business cards. I don't often have an opportunity to give someone my business card but I keep them with me just in case.
  9. ID's. These are my work and school ID's tucked into a nice lanyard. I obviously need these to get into the building at work or at school.
  10. Coin purse. I just got this cute coin purse on sale at Urban Outfitters. I don't actually keep change in it, instead I keep my chapstick and headphones.
  11. Nail file. I actually need this pretty often.

These are my essentials that I have with me regardless if I am off to school, work, or out with friends. I don't change purses often but lately I have been using a backpack because I like to bring everything I need for a long day, like snacks, water, and school stuff. Below is my bakcpack and favorite purse at the moment.

This backpack was a gift form my bf. 

I bought this beauty at Target.



  1. You've got cute things inside your bag! Even your bags are cute too

    1. Thanks! These are my favorite bags ^_^