This guy sums up my feelings towards finals

I am in the midst of finals right now and it is tough! I don't have any exams, instead I have group projects and final papers which is annoying in a different way.
Here's what I do to stay calm and unstressed:
  • Hot baths: When I start to get overwhelmed I take a nice relaxing bath, put some lavender oil in a defuser and slap on a face mask.
  • Stay organized: I have a great planner where I write all upcoming due dates and schedule time to complete tasks and projects. This way I don't forget anything and I can relax knowing I have set aside time to complete school work.
  • Have some down time: I try to make sure I have a couple of hours every week where I can push all school work aside and just have fun. It's tough because I also work full time but having a day or even just 2 hours of completely free time keeps me sane.
I will be glad to be done with my first semester of grad school and go on a nice holiday vacation. My winter break is about a month long which is amazing!

Until then I better get back to my paper that is due tomorrow!


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