Vacation Jewelry haul

School just started for me so life has been a little crazy. I'm not use to this busy student life. Anyway here is all the jewelry I bought while on vacation in Colorado and some other four corners states.

The top ring is a turquoise and silver, I bought it in Westcliff, Colorado which was the town closest to my cabin in the mountains. The other two came from a small shop in Canon City, Colorado.
I got this bracelet and two necklaces near Monument Valley, I think we were in Arizona.
This necklace came from Teec Nos Pos, Arizona (a place I read about in Tony Hillerman novels, check them out!). It's made out of juniper berries and glass beads. This piece is my favorite, I mean a dream catcher necklace from a Navajo reservation, yes please! 
(I forgot to add in these earrings.) The top pair are from a gem shop in Westcliff, but i cant remember what type of stone it was. The long pair to the left were from a gift shop near Monument Valley. The pair to the left came from goodwill in Canon City, only $1.99!! 

I love jewelry, it makes me so happy. I got so many great pieces during this trip.


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  1. the rings!!!
    and that dreamcatcher necklace, indeed a Dream!