Colorado vacation: Road trip pt.2

For our second day on the road we entered the Navajo reservation, did a little exploring, and then went to Monument Valley. We did a lot of driving but the scenery was beautiful and it was a bright (and hot) sunny day.

We started the day in Durango, Colorado which was a super young and fun looking town then made our way down to the Four Corners area. We stopped at a little place in Mexican Water, AZ where I tried a Navajo Burger. (It's just a burger but on fry bread.)

Even before getting to Monument Valley we saw beautiful sand buttes
Then to Monument Valley

We met a super charismatic potter and vendor at one of the shops near Monument Valley. I asked him and other vendors about Navajo culture and some word pronunciations. I read a series about a Navajo Tribal police officer a few years ago which peaked my interest in Navajo culture and made me want to visit the reservation. I was happy to meet some Navajo and other Native Americans and get some confirmation or correction on things I've read and researched. 
My bf also met a Navajo sandpainter who's exhibit he remembers seeing in Paris in 1997.


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