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Sometimes I'm a bit of a nosy person, or maybe just curious. I can't help but wonder what is going on in someones life, but seeing the popularity of blogs and YouTube it's clear a lot of other people are just as curious. Whenever I mention I just had surgery a persons first response is to ask for what. People want to know and I'm okay with sharing.

So here it is, I had a laparoscopy, (click the link if you can handle the simple details of the procedure) to remove a mass on my ovary and cervix. Recovery sucked and I had a lot of pain but after a week and a half I was feeling a lot better. It's now been about two weeks and I'm feeling about 80% back to normal. I still have some pain when I use my abdominal muscles and it hurts to sneeze, I'm also still a bit swollen aaand I can't lift heavy things or sleep on my side.

 I had never heard of this procedure nor knew of anyone who had similar ovarian issues.Well I was a bit wrong about that, I recently found out that two of my coworkers and my boyfriends mom had very similar issues and/or procedures.

 I avoided the gynecologist for as long as I could but it's a good thing I finally sucked it up and just went. I have been going regularly (as regularly as needed) for about 2 and a half years now and if I hadn't things could have been a lot worse. The gynecologist can be scary or daunting, I mean it is someone looking into and swabbing your lady parts! To be honest the examination can be a little uncomfortable or a little painful but it's important and you should go, plus it's a quick examination.  Okay this PSA is done!!

I'm feeling better and will be back to blogging.


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