New york experience

The other night while roaming SoHo looking for a place to eat, my boyfriend and I stumbled up this non-descript Italian place. We decided to try it out.

When you first enter the place all you see is a small bar with old Italian men but we soon discovered this place was huge and impressive. Imagine walking into a small un-ecorated bar then being led through two large fancy dining rooms into the 3rd dining room.

This 3rd dining room had a ceiling of just windows with plants and lights hanging from above. It had the effect of being outside while you were inside.

We ordered pesto gnocchi and house made lasagna.

The most impressive thing about this restaurant besides its large size and misleading facade, was the people eating there. They were stereotypical Italian characters. Imagine people out of the Sopranos. Right next to us was a family which included a middle aged, but buff man with his arm around this young babe. A waiter that seems to know the family goes over and talks to them. In his thick, classic New York Italian accent offers his condolences about something and says " if I would have known", as he shakes and holds her hands. They all had thick classic Italian accents like what you would hear in a movie. It was so surreal, it felt like I was watching the Sopranos or the Godfather. Apparently these delicious authentic Italian restaurants filled with local Italian regulars really do exist outside of the movies.


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