May Favorites

I watch a lot of youtube videos and all of my favorite youtubers do monthly favorites. I really like these videos and although I don't make videos I wanted to try it out too. So here are my favorites from May.
  • Spice
Spice is a Thai restaurant here in NYC and it is soooo delicious!! I love to go there for lunch because they have a really great lunch special. For $9 you get an appetizer and an entree. I a super frugalista so I always opt for a good lunch special if I plan to eat out.

  • Popcorn
I have been addicted to popcorn lately. I don't have a microwave so I almost never had popcorn but I recently decided to give stovetop popcorn a chance. I just toss some plain kernels into a pot with a little oils and pop pop pop I have a bunch of popcorn. It's such an easy snack and I love that the kernels come plain, I like my popcorn on the plainer side.

  • Suave Clinical protection Deodorant/Antiperspirant 
"Regular" deodorant/antiperspirant doesn't really work for me. I just sweat without doing anything. This has been an issue for me for a long time and I've even had a prescription treatment but that irritated my skin and stained my shirts. The best thing I found was a product from Vichy that I found in France, it's a similar antiperspirant treatment and it's really great, I just ran out and they don't sell it in the US. I tried Tom's Deodorant and that worked pretty well but it was leaving a residue on my shirts. Recently I found this Suave treatment and honestly the only reason I tired it was because I love almonds, but it turned out to be great! I apply it every night right before bed and it keeps my pits dry and smelling almond fresh all day. My only issue is that it's creamy and takes a while to dry on your skin, it's not something you can put on right before leaving the house. I like to shower at night so applying this before bed is perfect for my routine.

  • Trader Joe's Lemon Curd
This stuff is soooooo delicious. It taste just like the little lemon tartelettes I use to get in the bakery in France. I find it's best on warm toast but I want to try to make my own tartelette with it. The jar says you can add cream to it and it's a great tart filling. The jar says "English authentic" but I associate it with France and I love anything that reminds me of my days in Paris.

  • Dove Mousse

My hair is naturally curly/wavy and I hate to straighten it, I'm lazy and like quick hair styling. Mousse is the only hair product I use and I have been trying to find a super good one. This Dove mousse is great because just a small amount does a lot. It gives my hair a nice texture which makes it easy to shake up and create volume while keeping my curls together. This also hasn't made my hair crunchy. After I was my hair I work about a golf ball size amount into my hair and let it air dry, then maybe add a little more if needed and voila I'm done.  

  • Herbal Essences Curl Boosting Mousse

While I love the Dove mousse I also have been loving this Herbal Essences mousse. This one is great for second day hair that just needs a little love and attention. This mousse isn't as thick as the Dove mousse so it feels super light on the hair. It keeps those flyaways and crazy bed head calm. 


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