Visiting Teachers College

Yesterday was Admitted Students Day at Columbia Teachers College. I was super excited but a little nervous to go meet my future classmates, school has always made me nervous. Overall it was a great day and it made me super excited to start at Columbia in the fall. There were only about 12 students there that are in my specific program (Arts Administration), out of around 28 that are accepted and at least 100 people came from different programs in Teachers college. Since there is so few of us I am sure we will all get to know each other well which I am looking forward to, I have never been part of such a small program.

I was super surprised to find out that they only admit up to 28 students in my program. I couldn't help but think to myself, why did they choose me, did they make a mistake! This year there were about 150 applicants so that was like an 18% admittance rate and I made the cut. O M G, seriously I'm still questioning their decision about choosing me. I did work super hard on my application and have spent the past two years out of college interning and volunteering at top NYC museums. I feel like I am bragging but I am really proud of myself because I worked  hard to get something I really wanted and didn't sell myself short or give up.

Anyway, onto my story. I always manage to either embarrass myself or make myself look like an idiot, it's part of who I am I guess. Well yesterday was no exception. While eating lunch with everyone at Teachers College, I started chatting with a girl and it was great but this guy next to her kept watching us and nodding along to our conversation. He was older and I thought he was just another student that was trying to mingle but having a hard time because he was old. Being a nice person that I am I turned to talk to him. I asked the question everyone was starting with that day and said, " Hi, so what program are you in". His answer, to my embarrassment was, "Oh I'm not a student I'm her dad". Turns out he was the dad of the girl I was chatting up. I felt like an idiot, I just asked her dad what program he was in. Smooth. It wasn't my fault, I mean there are plenty of older people going back to school especially a school like Teachers College to get their teaching certification plus who brings their dad to their grad school event, it's grad school you're like 24! Okay okay maybe I'm over reacting, maybe it wasn't a big deal but I did feel like an idiot afterwards. It was still a good day overall, and they served sangria at the mix and mingle event so A+ to them.



  1. Don't question their decision!! YOU deserve it!! Love you much! <3