DIY Potpourri

A few weeks ago I received flowers from a guest and had them proudly displayed on my table. They lasted a while but as with any fresh flower, they died and dried out. They were still pretty and basically intact so I wanted to figure out how to keep them. I decided to make potpourri. I found a basic formula online and just added each ingredient based on how it was starting to smell. Everything I read about potpourri said it was pretty forgiving and totally based on personal preference of ingredients and amounts, you just needed a few key ingredients.
This website explained the ingredients as: combination of dry botanical materials, a fixative to hold the scent and scented oils

I used the small pink flowers I had (no idea what they are) plus lavender and rosemary for my dry botanical materials.
Nutmeg as a fixative (I just searched for a basic fixative online)
Lavender oil for my scented oil.

I added all the dry botanical ingredients into my jar in no particular order. Added the lavender and let it sit for about an hour.

Next I added the nutmeg, shook it up then placed it in a cool dark place for about 1-2 weeks.

I haven't opened it up yet, it still has a bit more time to sit but I imagine it's going to smell very strongly of lavender, I was a little heavy handed with the scented oil  ^_^


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