Saturday Adventures

I spent another saturday on the upper west side of Manhattan. This was a delayed "celebrating getting into Columbia" outing. First I went to my favorite Thai restaurant and ordered something new that ended being delicious but huge. Then off to the American Museum of Natural History, this time to look at the gem exhibit and finally to Alice's tea cup for a scone and some tea. It was sunny and warm-ish out so we also took some time to lounge in the sun and enjoy the day.

My delicious but huge curry plate and my bf's little drunken noodle bowl. When the waiter first brought the dishes over they gave me the dainty bowl and him the huge chicken slab -_-
Museum and beautiful jewelry from the gem exhibit.

Tea time 

and a strange meeting of bathtubs that I stumbled up near my neighborhood. I think if this spring they filled it with flowers it would be really nice, although this alley doesn't get any sun so maybe it would just be sad.


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