DIY Kindle Sleeve

This week's DIY project is a simple kindle sleeve. It's seriously super simple and you can can make it a no-sew project if you're not into sewing. You can also use a bigger envelope and make an ipad sleeve instead.

I have been wanting to make a new kindle case for a while. I made my last case about 2-3 years ago and it was time to retire it! I had all the supplies a home and it took an hour (max) to make. 

Here's what you need: 
  • An envelope large enough to fit your kindle (ipad if you prefer)
  • Fabric
  • Hot glue or a needle and thread
  • cardborad (I used an old pasta box)
  • scissors
  • a clear working space
Step 1

Cut out 2 pieces of cardboard that are just about as big as your envelope.
Next glue one piece of the cardboard to each side of the envelope.

Step 2
Lay your envelope on your fabric and trace your envelope out with pencil.
*You want to trace on the inner side of the fabric, not the side that will show.

Step 3
Sew or hot glue your two pieces of fabric together along the line you traced. I chose to sew just to make it extra sturdy. Then cut off the excess fabric leaving about 1/4 of an inch around.

*Be sure to have your two pieces of fabric facing inside outward so that after they are sewn/glued you can flip it right-side-out and have the correct side showing.

Final step
Flip your fabric inside out and insert the envelope. I then add a little glue on the outside of the envelop to hold the fabric in place, but it's pretty snug anyways so it stays put.
*The envelope is about 1 inch longer than the kindle but I will probably add a magnetic button or clasp so it can close. If you want the sleeve to be the exact size of your kindle you can just cut off a bit from the top of the envelop before you start (measuring it against your kindle of course), then follow the steps as usual.



  1. This is actually such a good idea with how expensive some iPad/Kindle sleeves are! So creative.
    Also what camera do you use?

    1. Agreed! sleeves can be super expensive!
      For this post I actually used my iphone 4s and took the photos when there was good natural lighting. Otherwise I just us my old Pentax Optio1500, nothing fancy.