DIY Felt Coasters

I am always trying to think of a new craft/DIY project to work on, the idea for these felt coasters came from my bf one day casually saying we should buy coasters. While I enjoy buying pretty things, if it's something super simple I like to make it myself. I feel like coasters are so simple and not strictly defined. So basically coasters can be made out of many different materials can be different shapes and any thicknesses. It's a perfect DIY project, I can just do what I want as long as it keeps my cup from leaving marks on my table.

So here is what I did!
I bought some basic materials I thought would be useful, like different colors of felt, and a solid foam sheet.I figure the foam would keep the liquid off my table and the felt was an easy, cheap, colorful material to find. I bought this all at Micheal's and it ended up being around $2.50 for 5 "sheets"of felt and one giant foam sheet thing. At home I already have a glue gun, scissors, and jar lids to trace circles.          

First step
I found a jar lid that was slightly bigger than my biggest mug, this was to be my basic coaster stencil.
I then traced the jar lid on my foam sheet and my chosen background color of felt. Then cut out your circles. I chose to make three coasters for now.

Next I drew my desired coaster shape on paper and edited it until I was happy. Then I cut my new stencil out and traced it out onto my chosen colors of felt. Next I cut out my felt shapes and laid them all out on my table. I wanted to make pretty purple tulips because they are my favorite.

Finally, I layered my felt cutouts how I want the  final coaster to look and hot glue each layer together.
*I glued the two pieces of the tulip together first, then the background to my foam, and finally glued the finished tulip to the foam/felt background.

Voila you have a super simple tulip coaster.

I have some darker colors to make a simpler, perhaps more "manly" coaster for my bf. Pictures of those to come!


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