Jewelry Display

I love jewelry and collecting jewelry. I like to buy a new and special piece of jewelry every time I visit a new place. This unfortunately doesn't always happen but I still try.

Having lots of special jewelry makes me want to have it nicely displayed at home so I can always glance and admire it. I'm still working on on how to nicely show my favorite pieces without having lots of clutter. I have so much jewelry that most of it is in little containers and boxes.

Here is how I showcase some of my favorite earrings on my jewelry shelf:

This was a simple DIY project where I took a frame and tied string and ribbon across it to hang earrings. I would like to get some nice lace and make it look real fancy, but for now it's ok.

My necklaces are hung off nails in the wall but that's a cluttered mess right now, it needs a little facelift. It's on my list of DIY to do!


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