First Day at the Gym

  Working out, gyming it, hitting the gym, whatever you call it today I did it. I've avoided the gym for a long time because:
A. memories of middle/high school gym class make me dread the word "gym"
B. because I knew nothing about working out and using gym equipment and
C. I am a weakling, I can't even do one push up.
I'm more of a flexible hot yoga girl, I love taking off my shoes, stretching, sweating, using your body and flexibility and holding posing while just relaxing and clearing your mind.

I remember in high school those overly aggressive teenage boys who would get mad or even yell at you when you missed the volley ball flying past you because you weren't paying attention (you were too busy finding the cute guy on the other team). Or the boys that would hurl the dodgeball at you while you were innocently hiding in the far back clearly fearing for you life. These memories fueled my fear of what kind of people I might encounter at the gym. Fortunately it all went well, the more jerk looking guys were busy lifting weights and checking themselves out and overall everyone was just doing their own thing.

Of course I always manage to embarrass or make a fool out of myself in any situation. So I'm at the gym with all of these strange looking machines, some of them I can't even tell what part moves or how you are suppose to sit/stand or hold onto it. I didn't want to use the treadmill because that's just boring, instead I went for all the elliptical looking machines. It took trying about 2 or 3 different machines until I could figure out how one worked. Some you just get on and start moving, then the machine turns on. Others did nothing, I pressed all the buttons, tried to start moving on the machine but nothing would work. So there's me stepping onto a machine pressing everything like a maniac, trying to move the petals and nothing is happening so I just casually look around and back away from the machine like I was never there. If you look at someone they will look back at you so I had to stealthily looks at someone's reflection in the mirror to see how the heck they managed to get the machine to move.

In the end I worked out for 45 minutes and felt pretty good. I wish I could figure out how to use the TV attached to the machines so I would have some distraction. I should also bring headphones so I can listen to my own music.

Another day, another lesson learned.


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