Favorite Outfit

So I've decided to organize things a bit here on my blog. I'm going to have specific posting days each with a theme. I've decided Friday is fashion day, I will do an outfit(s) post or style inspiration or maybe a wish list. ( I think I'll do a post explaining each day).

Today being Friday and the first Friday at that! I wanted to show my favorite outfit of right now. These pictures are from my trip to Toulouse and unfortunately it's been way to cold and snowy in New York to wear this dress so I have to just enjoy it in photos. It's comfortable, it's blue and it's a dress so I love it.

I'm almost never ready for a photo so I'm usually moving or blinking or just making a horrible face but I embrace it. I even have a folder on my computer dedicated to really bad photos of me. 

Anyway!! Dress is from Free People, Top- Free People, Shoes- Urban outfitters, Jewelry- an artisan  fair in Argentina

Until next time :)


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