Always Shopping

I blamed my jewelry addiction on my mom and now I'm going to blame my shopping addiction on her too. I use blame lightly as I in no way resent her for it and maybe addiction is a strong word, I just really really really like shopping.

When I was younger almost every weekend (or every single weekend) was spent shopping, sometimes just window shopping. My mom liked to get in that retail therapy on the weekends and we (my sisters and I) would tag along with her. Sure sometimes I hated going to home decor stores and would drag my feel the entire time, but as I got older I grew to love that weekend time with my mom and shopping of course.

 I love getting new things, free or bought by me. I am however quite frugal and will never buy anything I can't afford and try to only buy things I really really like, but I really really like a lot of things!

Enough blah blah blah here is my favorite purchase form yesterday
oooooh so nice and flowery from Forever21


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