Dissin' my French!

I studied abroad in Paris for 3 semesters, I've been back in NY for about 2 years now but I still use French pretty often to talk to my boyfriend. We don't constantly talk in French but I purposely use a lot of "Frenglish" to keep my French fresh in my mind.

Anyways to the point! Basically ALL of my American friends who also studied in Paris, tell me that my French is not very good or that I don't have a very good accent. This, as one can image, can get tiring and you really start to believe it. Buuuut I have been told many times (and within the last 6 months) by French people that my French is very good and I have almost not accent! I was in Paris a while before people started complimenting my French so I think they mean it. So suck it friends, you know who you are as you read this, mmhmm.

Ok maybe you still think I'm just full of it but here is a conversation I had a few months ago with my boyfriends (French!) uncle in French.

Uncle: So Shelissa, you and speak in French all the time, no?
Me: uuhh no, we mostly talk in English.
Uncle: Oh you have almost no accent when you speak French, your French is very good.

So yea, I'm basically a pro. Ok fine, I'm not but I mean I can get by and I'm not as bad as my friends like to imagine.


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