Stubborn travelers

In my years of living in cities with public transit I have learned the most important rule of getting around with friends: do NOT try to change someone's mind about the best route to the destination.  

If you live in NYC or any major city with public transit you may have come to a similar realization. People really get stuck with their chosen route or favorite train and will not want to take another even if there is a fast option. I have tried to sway friends to take a diiferent and faster route but they refuse even if I have tested and timed alternate routes. I like to be efficient so I try different paths to the same place but nobody cares, they will switch trains 3 times instead of walking a block over just because thats what they always do. Maybe it's the same with driving.

Like I said, I've learned to just shut it if they reject my plan and just take their stupid route. No need to cause drama while you're heading out.


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