Life update

For about 6 months I have been working two jobs, it was okay for a while but recently it's been killing me. In the past 4 weeks I have worked an average of 45hrs per week and while they paychecks look great, my body is exhausted.

I have quit one of my jobs and will be working the other full time. The office job had to go, it wasn't advancing me anywhere, just 20 hrs a week every week never more and never new responsibilities. I am glad I now have some office experience under my belt, it could be very useful.

I now have a full time position as a stock lead which isn't my grown-up dream job but I'm good at it, I like it for now, and it could lead to something new. Hopefully I'll also be helping the display coordinator for the store, which is a job I would love. I'm still pursuing a museum job but in the mean time I need some money.

The final news in my current life is school, I have wanted to go back to school since I finished last year. I plan on applying to masters programs in Arts/Visual administration or art history at a bunch of school here in NY. My absolute must apply places are Columbia, NYU, Pratt, and Hunter College. I'm applying to some tough places but I just don't want to sell myself short. I hope this will lead to some great opportunities in museums, some schools have great contacts.

That's all for now folks. Wish me luck!


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