Last Full day: Craft Market

This morning Felix, Jo ( Felix's fellow Columbia student), and I took a nice long walk to the Palermo neighborhood for a visit to the famous cemetery and an outdoor market and craft fair. We ate delicious  sandwiches and I picked up some great souvenirs, I also visited the family mausoleum of Eva Peron (I felt I had to seeing as she's like a national hero).

Tonight we are off to dinner with a local in a neighborhood we haven't really visited yet. I've met some nice people here in the hostel (even though there is a big soccer tournament going on and the hostel is full of teenage soccer players both male and female, sooooo annoying!) and it's too bad I will probably never see them again. Oh well, that's life!

Here are some pics of my morning
 and here is a bonus of baby hamsters snuggling.


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