Im in Argentina!

After about 20 hours of traveling I arrived at my hostel in Buenos Aires, Argentina safe and sound. There was a little mix up and had to spend the first night in a different hostel then planned but as of the second night all is as scheduled.

My first impression of Buenos Aires is not the best but I'm hoping once I go around town and visit different areas I will like it more. As of now it's just so underwhelming, it does NOT seems like the “Paris of the southern hemisphere” it looks more like uptown New York in the 1980's aka lots of graffiti and just a sketchy vibe (I will provide photo evidence on my next post). I definitely have my guard wayy up and my eyes open.

Argentina I hope you live up to the wonderful things I've read. We have 8 more days together show me what you got! Tomorrow is my full-on start to exploring Buenos Aires, fingers crossed!

I'd also like to add that my spanish better be 100% after all the practice I'm getting here. At first I was speaking Franish (Spench?). My french has gotten better than my spanish so when I forgot a word I would throw the french one in there. Luckily my mind has already started sorting it out better after one day.


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