Finding Americans in B. Aires

Last night before dinner Felix and I met some fellow Americans at our hostel and we all decided to go out to dinner. Two were siblings from Baltimore stopping in Buenos Aires from their month traveling Brazil and one was a teacher from Nashville on a 6 month world traveling adventure.

It was great to talk to someone new and hear their adventure story. I'm kind of boring with my travels so listening to them lets me live vicariously through them. I'm more of a lazy traveler, I like to go to one place and stay there a while. I want to enjoy a city and be able to slowly explore it and have the chance to revisit a sight I enjoyed. I don't think I could ever be the type of traveler who goes from city to city or country to country every other day.

Anyways, back to dinner, so we walked around our neighborhood looking for a nice cheap place to grab a bite. A lot of restaurants here charge a cover just to go in and eat, I feel like it's a rip off. We managed to find a cover-free place though. The prices here are also really weird, they are super high but about 6 pesos is 1 american dollar so when dinner cost 140 pesos I want to freak out but really its only like $23. 

As I mentioned before Argentina loves meat, especially beef (which explains why they sell so much leather!) but I am not familiar with cut names in English or Spanish so ordering is always like meat roulette, I have no idea what I'm getting and I could get something gross like kidney. I tried asking (in spanish) what the cut of meat I was ordering was an he told me "here we say it's either butt or ____ and you are getting sliced ____" unfortunately I had no idea what the other cut was but I ate it, all I know is it wasn't kidney. 

Today I'm off to take a tour of the Colon Theater with one of the Americans I met, Felix is off taking one of his courses at the University of Buneos Aires (the whole reason we came here).


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