Day 5 & 6 in B.Aires: Theater + Museum

Busy busy in the city. Yesterday I took a private tour of the Colon Theater with a fellow american in my hostel as planned then attempted to visit the city's modern art museum with Felix. Our museum attempt failed miserably as when we got there the line was outrageous, like down the block and around the corner outrageous. I imagine the museum is usually pretty busy but we happened to go on the half price day during a Yayoi Kusama exhibit. Half price is popular and Kusama really rakes in the guests, (at least she has in the other two countries I've seen her exhibit!) so we chose the WRONG day to try to see the museum.

After the museum adventure I had some coffee then made my way home, the subway here is useless so walking is a big part of your journey to your destination, unless you just take a cab but I'd rather walk and explore (and work off all these empanadas I'm eating). Btw vegetables are not a big part of meals here in Buenos Aires, literally the only vegetable I've had since getting here are potatoes and some zucchini that was smothered in parmesan. I can't find vegetables on the menus!                                                                      
Here are some Colon Theater pic, it was such a fancy place!

Today was another day of walking, I spent the morning making my way over to the next neighborhood called Recoleta. This area is known for it's architecture and cultural attractions. It's a super European (especially Parisian) looking area, probably only super rich people live here. I met up with Felix at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, a museum housing a large collection of art from the 14th through 19th century, but just Argentina or European art. There was one painting we stumbled upon that looks EXACTLY like Felix's dad. We spent like 10 minutes in front of the painting just laughing and taking photos. It's a portrait done by an  Argentine artist named Prilidiano Pueyrredon. I've always had this hope of finding an old painting of a woman who looks exactly like me, I haven't yet but I found Felix's dad!


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