Day 2 in Buenos Aires: Mate + Sights

Yesterday at my hostel Felix, my fellow traveler, and I had the chance to try a traditional south american drink called mate (pronounced maté or mah-tay) which is a basically a tea made from the dry leaves and twigs from a species of holly (according to Wikipedia). It tasted like an herb tea, nothing too special but the container and straw you drink it with is really cool. You put the leaves and twigs into a small "mate gourd" then add hot water, you use this awesome metal straw that looks like a hollow spoon with holes on the end.

I'm still not in love with Argentina but I did have a nice walk around my neighborhood, although it was super cold and the sights were boring. Tomorrow I have planned to go to see some monuments so I'm hoping it'll get prettier. I think my hostel is in the equivalent of times square, but uglier. There are a lot of busy theaters which makes these streets crazy busy. Today was better because it was Sunday so no one was out.

Later I'm going to dinner so I will update if there is anything to say about that. Here are some random photos of what things looks like. I hope to have photos of nice sights soon.

Until next time my curious readers.


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