Elevator Etiquette

I work on the 12th floor of an office building so I have to take the elevator every day I've noticed some unwritten rules of elevator etiquette. Not everyone follows it but they should! Here is my version:

1. If you make eye contact with the person hurrying to get into the elevator you MUST hold the door for them.
2. Alternately if you don’t make eye contact, then screw them you and your elevator are outta there!
3. As soon as someone else gets on the elevator the conversation you were having should be ended as if you were talking about them and silence should now ensue.
4. No one wants to small talk with a stranger, just shut your trap and watch the numbers flash by as you go up or down the building like everybody else.
5.  If you’re taking the elevator to the second floor and you’re not over 50yrs old, everyone hates you and you should be ashamed.
6.  If you know you’re getting off on the 3rd floor don’t put yourself in the back corner of the elevator, no one likes getting out to let you pass. You shouldn't have pushed to be the first one in the elevator in the first place! Or just take your butt to the damn stairs!

If everyone followed these rules the elevator world would be a happier place and your commute up or down your building will be a breeze.


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