My 2 seconds of tv time

About 2 years ago The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson was filming a week of episodes in Paris. I was living in Paris at the time and exploring the Marais area with a visiting friend when we stumbled upon the filming of an episode. I was sooooo excited! One of the camera men kept pointing the camera in our direction when they had to do audience shots so I hoped I would make it in the show. At one point they selected people from the audience to come up and a guy next to me worked on the show and told me if I wanted to do it, to go to this other woman and tell her. I very much wanted to but before I could even move they were done with taking audience members. I missed my minute of interview fame!

Anywho, I just randomly thought about that day and decided to share the video.

Im at 0:52-ish!


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