Another interview

This morning I had an interview for a position teaching art classes and art events with a little art studio here in Manhattan. After reading the job posting I knew I really wanted it. I sent in my resume and stuff but then to be persistent I also called about a week later. My persistence paid off because I got an interview albeit a group interview but that what they were offering.

So like I said, the interview was this morning. I was nervous last night and did some studying up on art terms and thinking about how I would make a class outline. When I arrived taht the interview I saw that everyone else was about my age (or looked it) so I felt a little more confident.

The group interview starts with everyone going around introducing themselves. Literally EVERYONE has had at least 4 years of art teaching experience (one girl had 10!) or was currently teaching art classes. I was clearly the least experienced art teacher having had only 1 year as an artists assistant in a school and like 2 months volunteering for a children and families program at a museum. So I was freaking out a little inside but tried to play to my strengths and my time with the Guggenheim and Noguchi Museums.

Well  apparently it went better then I thought because I got an email asking me to come to a second interview. I am going to prepare as best I can and try super hard to get this! This would be such a great start to a career in art. AND it pays at least $20 an hour! Heck yes!


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