Today I was volunteering at the Guggenheim museum for student docent training day. I was working with the students that participated in the Guggenheim's LTA program which I have mentioned before. The students were chosen to represent their school at the opening of the Year With Children Exhibition therefore they needed a little training on what to expect and how to be a helpful museum docent.

It was such a great experience and I really felt like I was trusted with a lot of responsibility. All of the volunteers were teaching artist assistants that participated in the LTA residency program so I knew them. It was great to be in a leading position at the museum directing people where to go and leading my own little group in a training session. The kids did great and I'm sure will do very well at the opening. I am so proud of the students I worked with today and during the residency.

I still have a few more volunteering days left at the Guggenheim but I'm sad to see it end. You can't help but feel special when you get to be a part of the behind the scenes of a museum and having that ID that says yes Shelissa is allowed to pass that barrier and go into the office official business, and at a museum that I really like and is literally international. *Sigh* well it was wonderful while it lasted and now I'm ready and eager for more.


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