Uggg so sad

One of my jobs is in an administration office at a university. Today this guy came in to talk to a woman in the registrar department for help with choosing a class. The guy said he wanted to take a class to learn to read, unfortunately the university doesn't have that but she was going to help him find somewhere he could take a class. While they're chatting about this he mentions how he has been all around trying to find somewhere that gives literacy classes but with no luck so far. Apparently even places that offer literacy courses want people to have at least a 5th grade reading level (he is at a 1st grade reading level.). Let's take a moment to think about how stupid that is.......

Maybe he just hasn't been to the right places or found the right classes but anyways, listening to him I just wanted to cry and give him a hug then teach him how to read. He wasn't upset or mad while talking, he was just very matter-of-fact but he clearly is trying so hard to find somewhere to learn to read. He is an adult, in America, who just wants to learn to read yet it is so tough!  Fortunately the woman in my office is helping find a place where he can take classes to learn to read.

Uuugg some moments touch my heart while making me feel like the world sucks at the same time.


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