Last of my UO mini-shopping spree

I feel like I've bought a lot of stuff lately but I had an extra discount and I needed to reach $50 for free shipping! All together with my online order and the shoes I bought in-store I probably spent $60 soooo it's not that bad plus I may return a few things because I'm a compulsive return-er. And I got a new job  I do what I want! (it's more myself I try to convince it's ok, I'm so cheap which contradicts my love of new clothes....I guess I just need to get free clothes).                                                                                          

Here's what I got

My new favorite thing is this snake ring! Mine looks slightly different, the head of the snake doesn't overlap the band.
 A simple t-shirt, it fits be snugger (especially in the boobage area)

Suuuuuper soft socks

 These may go back. This too, the chain is a bit too bulky in person and the sock I'm just not too sure about.

I also bought a simple t-shirt for the BF. I really got some good deals. Everything (except these shoes,) was under $5!


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