The children love me!

This past week was the (almost) end to my internship. Since last October I have spent my Tuesday's at a New York public school in Chinatown as a teaching artists' assistant through the Guggenheim Museum. Last week were the last two residency days, I still have a couple more events including the "Year with Children" exhibit this summer at the Guggenheim but for the most part I am done.

On the last day (thursday) some of the kids came up to us while we were leaving and gave us gifts they had made. They are just too sweet! The project we were doing with them was making garments out of the fabric they printed with symbols they made. I guess some students finished earlier and decided to use extra or scrap fabric to make "Ms. Shelissa" something.

I had a great time working with the students and with the artist, it was tough at times but kids can be so fun and so funny that you forget the times they drove you crazy.
Here are my goodies:

A purse with a long strap
A mini shirt
A clutch
Idk, two braids and a sweet note
A bracelet 


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